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In-Game Item

Fan Festival 2014 In-Game Item

Mog SUit

Physical prizes and gifts are fun, but the core of the free giveaway for attendees is the Fan Festival 2014 In-Game Item! Each attending player at Fan Festival will come away with a special in-game item designed for the hardcore FINAL FANTASY XIV collector, making them the envy of players around the world. Note however, players who buy tickets but don’t make the event are ineligible to receive this special reward, so be sure to join the festivities and collect your prize!

We’re excited to show the full details on this coveted piece of loot: Moogle Attire!
* This is a virtual item and has no real world monetary value.

Each attendee will receive a bonus code that will grant them the in-game item. The bonus code will become redeemable in the future, after all three Fan Festival events have concluded (estimated Dec. 2014). Further details will be announced at a later date.

*Please note that the name of the item is subject to change.

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Free Giveaway Bag

Free Giveaways for Attendees

Just like enemies drop loot, or quests offer rewards, Fan Festival is making sure players come away with their own prizes! For the price of admission, attendees will be the recipients of giveaways including a variety of items, event information, and other goodies. Fan Festival 2014 is designed with fans in mind, and we’ve got just the sort of prizes any adventurer would love. We’ll have more details on these items in the future, so check back soon!

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