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      Giant Beaver Croquettes
      Giant Beaver Croquettes
      Giant Beaver Croquettes
      Giant Beaver Croquettes
      Giant Beaver Croquettes
      A pair of giant beavers and their leafy friends, who appear to be saying "Eat us right up!" It would behoove you to oblige.
      Steamed Potatoes
      Ground Beef
      Panko Bread Crumbs
      Steamed Broccoli
      4 Florets
      Green Leaf Lettuce
      1 Leaf
      Salt and Pepper
      Decorative Toothpicks
      Egg (Beaten)
      1. Add cooked ground beef and onions to the steamed potatoes.
      2. Add salt and pepper as desired. Mix well.
      3. Shape the mixture to form the cores of the croquettes.
      4. Take the cores and coat in order the of flour, beaten egg, and panko.
      5. Adjust the shape once more.
      6. Fry the croquettes at 180°C (Approx. 350°F) for about 3 minutes each, until they're colored well.
      7. Lay the lettuce on the plate.
      8. Put two florets of steamed broccoli on each toothpick.
      9. Place the fried croquettes on the plate.
      10. Form the ears and mouth with ham and cheese.
      11. Draw the eyes with tianmian1 sauce.
      12. Decorate with three boiled temari-fu2.

      1. Can substitute with sweet bean sauce, hoisin sauce, or miso paste.
      2. Can substitute with any cute garnish.
      Tonberry Omurice (Omelette Rice)
      1. Mix the pesto sauce into the rice.
      2. Mix in salt and pepper.
      3. Shape the pesto rice using a small bowl.
      4. Beat two eggs in a bowl.
      5. Mix in cream, salt, and pepper.
      6. Season the pan with vegetable oil.
      7. Pour in the beaten eggs to make an omelette.
      8. Place the pesto rice in the center of the plate.
      9. Place the omelette over the pesto rice.
      10. Garnish with ketchup.
      11. Add basil leaves and butter.
      Moogle Honey Toast
      1. Make 4 incisions in the bread.
      2. Season with butter oil and honey, then toast in an oven.
      3. Cut the tortilla using a bat-shaped cookie cutter.
      4. Cut off the wings and toast them in the oven. They'll be used for the moogle's wings.
      5. Take a scoop of vanilla ice cream and draw the eyes with chocolate.
      6. Insert a fried pasta noodle where the nose will go.
      7. Add the maraschino cherry for the nose.
      8. Insert additional fried pasta noodles for whiskers.
      9. Insert one fried pasta noodle on the top to add a raspberry for the pom.
      10. Add wings and the moogle ice cream is complete. Store in a freezer for now.
      11. Garnish the toast with whipped cream.
      12. Garnish with mango, blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries.
      13. Place the moogle ice cream on top.
      14. Garnish with the dendrobium (orchid) and chervil3 (French parsley).
      15. Season with sugar.

      1. Can substitute with any decorative flower and any culinary herb.
      Sky Blue Dye
      1. Pour the whipped cream, heavy whipping cream, and whole milk into a bowl. Mix well.
      2. Add the blue food coloring, diluted in water beforehand.4
      3. Mix well while keeping an eye on the color.
      4. Pour the dye mixture into a cup.
      5. Smoothen the surface.

      1. We're using powder-based food coloring.
      Mudpie Chocolate Plate
      Mudpie Chocolate Plate
      Mudpie Chocolate Plate
      Its origins aside, have a taste of this "chocolate-y" Mudpie!
      Chocolate Ice Cream
      1 Scoop
      Melted Topping Chocolate
      Cookie (Crown)
      Chocolate Cake
      1 Slice
      Raspberry Sauce
      Whipped Cream
      Chocolate Syrup
      Colored Marshmallows
      White Chocolate (Grated)
      1. Have a scoop of chocolate ice cream ready and chilled beforehand.
      2. Coat the ice cream evenly with melted topping chocolate.
      3. Swiftly place the cookie crown.
      4. Use the chocolate-covered bean for the mouth.
      5. Use the chocolate pen to draw the eyes.
      6. Store in the freezer.
      7. Draw a circle on the plate with chocolate syrup.
      8. Place the chocolate cake on the plate.
      9. Garnish with whipped cream and berries.
      10. Coat with raspberry sauce.
      11. Place the mudpie on the plate.
      12. Garnish with marshmallows, white chocolate, and chervil (French parsley).5

      1. Can substitute with any culinary herb, such as mint leaves.
      Ardbert: The First's Warrior of Light
      1. Pour the kyoho grape syrup into a glass.6
      2. Add crushed ice.
      3. Add red grape juice.
      4. Add framboise sauce (raspberry sauce) around the rim of the glass.
      5. Insert red and black straws.
      6. Add finishing touches.
      7. Sprinkle with silver foil flakes.

      1. Can substitute with concord grape syrup.

      Moogle Treasure Festival 2021A special Moogle Treasure Trove will be held to commemorate the event.
      Moogle Treasure Festival 2021