Fan Festival 2017 is back with great in-game activities once again! This is the perfect opportunity for FFXIV fans to gather together and play on the same team, in the same room, for great fun in a variety of unique in-game activities! Strategize with your fellow players, outline your battle plan, and emerge victorious in a number of specialized challenges throughout the event!

    Players can try their hand at a number of exciting activities including:

    Special Fan Festival Challenge

    What brand-new challenge awaits Fan Festival 2017 attendees? You’ll have to wait until the event to find out!

    Trial Roulette

    The Trial Roulette is back! Join a team of 8 of your fellow attendees and try your luck on our trial roulette wheel, which not only chooses which trial you’ll face, but what handicap will put your skills to the test!

    The Feast - PvP

    You’ve tried your hand at the first and second season of The Feast, but are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Sharpen your fangs and claws because we’re holding The Feast matches right at Fan Festival. Meet up with your fellow allies and bring out your inner wolf on the show floor!

    Speed Runs

    Have a favourite dungeon? Think you can set a new record on how quickly you can finish it with your group? Well, head over to the Speed Run area, get your strategy sorted and see if you can set a new time record and be the envy of the community!

    *Please note that in-game activities are subject to change.


    Events such as Fan Festival provide the opportunity to offer various types of fun that aren’t limited to in-game challenges. This year’s Fan Festival will feature a number of ways to live the adventure!


    Experience what it means to be an adventurer by testing your hand at challenges brought to life based on various activities found in Eorzea.

    *Please note that all live activities are subject to change.


    Fan Festival 2017 kicks off with a bang featuring a keynote delivered by producer and director Naoki Yoshida, and will play host to various panels that feature a number of development team guests.

    That’s not all! After you’re done getting your fill of behind-the-scenes information straight from the development team, you can enjoy live music as well as stage content that involves fan participation!

    *Please note that stage events are subject to change.

  • Art Contest
    It is time to take your pens and pencils out and get ready for the Fan Festival Art Contest! Send us your best creations for a chance to be displayed at the Frankfurt Fan Festival 2017! The event attendees will vote for their favourite pieces of art and the winners of each categories will receive fabulous prizes!

    Choose between the following categories:

    Leisure: depicting non-combat daily activities or role-play
    Battle: depicting a battle scene
    Characters and Creatures: depicting a famous NPC or monster

    Full contest rules can be found here.
  • Cosplay Contest

    Fans of the FINAL FANTASY series create costumes that are second to none, and FFXIV fans are no exception! While we’ve already seen a bevy of examples floating about the community, we’re excited at the prospects to see even more amazing outfits at our Fan Festival 2017 Cosplay Contest. Don’t forget, contestants are eligible for great prizes and fun opportunities to show off their costumes as well!

    Attendees entering the Cosplay Contest need to check in on-site and be evaluated by our esteemed judging panel. Of all the entries, up to 30 qualifying finalists will be chosen to present themselves on stage for a chance to win great prizes!

    Contest Entry Period

    Attendees of the Fan Festival can register their entry for the contest from 12:30 pm to 15:30 pm* on 18th February 2017 at the designated Cosplay Contest registration area. Please note that a maximum of 50 contestants will be allowed to participate and registration will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

    *Actual registration times may vary. Please check this website regularly for possible updates.

    Winning Categories

    From the thirty (30) finalists, seven (7) winners will receive prizes* in the following categories at the Frankfurt Fan Festival.

    • • Best in Show (1st Place)
    • • Most Unique Costume (2nd Place)
    • • Greatest Detail/Design (2nd Place)
    • • Most Entertaining Costume (2nd Place)
    • • Judge's Choice 1 (3rd Place)
    • • Judge's Choice 2 (3rd Place)
    • • Judge's Choice 3 (3rd Place)

    *Information on prizes will be available soon.

    Guidelines for Entry

    • • Entrants must be 12 years of age or older. Entrants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.
    • • Must be in attendance at the Fan Festival on 18th February to participate in the contest
    • • Only FINAL FANTASY XIV-related costumes are allowed to enter

      o Non FFXIV costumes are okay to wear, but cannot be entered in the contest
      o Please avoid costumes unaffiliated with Square Enix products

    • • Limited to a single entry per person
    • • Costumes cannot be dangerous to the wearer or others and as such we will not allow the following pieces to enter Fan Festival 2017:

      o Sharpened, pointed, or dangerous metal objects (at the discretion of Square Enix staff)
      o Large heavy blunt objects
      o Liquid objects with corrosive or hazardous materials
      o Loud objects such as emergency horns or alarms

    • • All entries will be considered, but only finalists will be chosen by Square Enix and showcased on stage during Fan Festival

    Full terms and conditions will be available at the event on 18th February 2017 and will be made available on this site around December 2016